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Food Wars October 8, 2012

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Night looms. All is quiet. You know the enemy is out there. You can’t out run him, you can’t out maneuver him.  Eventually, he will come.  Sergeant Strawberry will get onto your plate and cause untold havoc.

For Missy, public Enemy #1 is fruit.  “Eh?? Fruit? Surely not!” you say.

Well, she eats fruit, as long as it doesn’t look like fruit. Mashed in a tube; “let me at it!” Mixed up and frozen on a stick; “gimme more!” Cut into bite size pieces and presented lovingly in the shape of a smiley face – “Aaaaahhhhhggggghhhh! Are you trying to KILL me?”

It’s a problem. For some reason, Missy has developed quite the phobia about fruit. We don’t know when or why it started, but it’s there. She is a bit of a fussy eater, but it’s not like she won’t try things. She likes soy sauce and balsamic vinegar; she has tried Hungarian salami and lived to tell the tale. But fruit? She will not even touch it (unless presented in non-fruit like packaging).

We have tried explaining, cajoling, shouting, pleading and even bribing. Nothing. Missy will give up a bowl of ice cream rather than eat a sliver of strawberry.

For me, it’s kind of weird, as she totally loves strawberry flavour, and will suck down those pureed organic squeezies all day. In any form, other than just as nature intended, she is onboard.

I think in time, this will pass, but the frustration for me, is I know she will like apples, bananas, mangoes and the like. As a baby, she happily smeared them over herself, even occasionally getting them in her mouth.  I know it’s just a stage, but it is a particularly frustrating one, given all her little friends devour fruit with just the occasional poke of the cattle prod.  Missy is more like those Special Forces dudes, who welcome the challenge of holding out, despite the torture. She will never give the fruity enemy any comfort.

But, fussy eating toddlers don’t always turn into fussy eating adults, so I am not too concerned. It is quite a fascinating thing, kids and their eating habits – how some children will eat anything, and some reject almost everything.

But as with all things, it is all part of the journey. We will probably look back and laugh…in about 10 years…


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