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First day Dad February 20, 2012

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I’m not the head of my household; in fact I’m not even second in charge.

My daughter (aka Missy) is my boss.  I feed her when she demands it, I change her when she requires it and I play with her when she insists on it. It’s the same for my wife, (although generally she can change herself these days). So really, I’m a distant third on the pecking order.

All fathers may openly or secretly relate to this, even the ones who are in some sort of hierarchy denial. But it’s OK, as it relieves us of the burdensome responsibility of general organization and matching clothes preparation.

I left the world of finance ostensibly to slack about and go traveling with my wife, which we did for a bit. Then Missy arrived. Sweet beautiful Missy. I am not making this up, she is the most beautiful and sweet natured child I have ever seen. Biased? Sure, which Father isn’t, but she’s the goods, 100%

That said, being a father is a learning curve like no other and the hospital seems to have forgotten to give us the instruction manual. Certainly there are books to read and my wife is a prodigious reader of them, but as a bloke, you tend to “tinker” with things rather than read instruction books.  If you get lost, what’s the point of reading a map or asking someone? You “tinker” and get more lost. Simple.

Kids are the same I thought; you “tinker” a bit, and things hopefully work out. Then the family hierarchy clause is invoked and we are on a schedule. To be fair, I see now that my method was sort of like a brain surgeon walking into the operating room still in his golf gear saying: “OK folks, let’s open up this head and see what needs to be done.”

Now I help change nappies, sing songs and make funny faces and I tell you, I wouldn’t swap it for anything. I’m lucky because writing columns and stories allows me the time to watch my daughter grow and develop much more than most fathers.

But don’t be thinking it’s a layabout’s dream, it’s hard work most of the time, but a smile from my Princess is better than any bonus or business trip I’ve ever had.

So that’s the background you need to understand this blog. I am a barely employed writer now. I was important once, what seems like a lifetime ago, when I was a middle ranking nobody in a large financial organization. I was important, my business card said so, I was so important that when I retired a few people even looked up and waved goodbye.

What will this blog be about? Well, nothing really. But as any parent will tell you, there are a hundred funny, weird and downright disgusting things you deal with every day. So come on in to the slightly crazy world of parenting, man style.


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